Monday, September 7, 2009

An amazing experience

I would just like to share a small story with everyone: this summer I went to
Ecuador. Most of you know, when you travel it is difficult to eat the right foods to keep your body in balance; well being a vegan made this an interesting experience! I was going on a missions trip, so every day I was out on the field being fed by the nationals that were members of the church. After the first day, we made sure they knew I was a vegan and could prepare meals accordingly. I think I ate better there than I do at home! The beautiful people would make foods such as: rice, homemade french fries, broccoli, vegetable salad, Lima beans. I ate more fresh vegetables there than I ever do at home! They were very kind, and were not offended that I would not eat their meat, although they would make some fun of me. Overall it was a beautiful experience in another country. If any of you have the chance, go!

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chrisb8909 said...

That does sound amazing. :)
You need to post more often. ;)